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Ensure your staff are fully trained in data privacy and GDPR compliance

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Educate your employees and introduce them to GDPR

Did you know that it is now the responsibility of the Data Protection Officer to train all employees involved with data processing activities?

It won’t matter how secure or efficient your systems are if your employees are uninformed about GDPR and how to handle personal data correctly. Which is where our Privacy e-Learning solution comes in. Informative and user-friendly, our data privacy course guides your employees through the various aspects of GDPR compliance and then puts their new knowledge to the test.

General Data Protection Regulation – Simplified

Filled with interesting facts and challenging tests, our Privacy e-Learning resource is both educational and entertaining. It is also fully responsive and automatically adapts to the device you are using.

The course we currently have available is an introductory course in data privacy, and it can be retaken multiple times until you and your staff are ready for the final proficiency test.

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