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Ramp up your offer with our offer


Could we be the missing link?

If your customers are like most small to medium-sized businesses, privacy compliance can be overwhelming. That’s why we team up with consultants, law firms, and tech companies to complete their offering with our comprehensive software suite.

Why us?

We have a genuine passion for helping companies improve and streamline their internal procedures for ensuring regulatory compliance within data protection and privacy. We are the market leader in the Nordic region and we work with businesses of all sizes and in most industries, both in public and private sectors. By teaming up with us you’ll be able to offer complementary products that extend your business with a new revenue stream and new customer leads.



We know that partnerships rely on reciprocity – that’s why we reward our long-term partners and always make sure that we are adding value for their customers. We offer two different types of partnerships – one for lead generation and one for resellers. Both offer you the ability to:

  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Expand your customer base
  • Offer more services to existing customers

A bit more about us

We’ve been producing legal tech since 2014. We have a healthy business, with more than 80,000 users in 3,500 businesses across 500 industries. Currently we have 55 employees in the UK, Sweden and Norway, with plans to expand to other markets. All our content is produced by experts in their fields who make it their mission to know the laws and regulations inside and out.

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A bit about our partners

We partner with more than 20 companies across the Nordic region, including the Swedish IT services company Britt, Swedish GDPR consultancy GiDDiR, and the Nordic legal services company Legalworks.

The solutions are easy to use, and have a good legal foundation, so you get the right guidance. It is important to both our members and us that we have an overview and structure of the GDPR work. Draftit Privacy’s tools provide this overview in a good way so that you know what to do.

Carsten Gunnarstorp
General Manager and Attorney at NORDMA

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