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Compliance can be easier than you think.
Just follow along.

GDPR compliance made easy

For many organisations, GDPR compliance is outside their realm of expertise – but this is where we excel. So we worked with a team of lawyers and privacy experts to develop a web-based software suite that will guide you through the process, improve your privacy procedures and help your organisation achieve compliance. Think of us as your guide through the data protection jungle.

Our products and solutions are currently available in Sweden and Norway. If you are interested in any of our products or if you have any questions, please contact us.


Part of a family of companies

Privacy and GDPR compliance is only one out of five legal branches at Draftit. In addition to our privacy software, Draftit offers services and solutions within the fields of HR & Management, Salaries & Taxation, School Management and Social Care in Sweden and Norway.

Our mission is to make sure organisations are informed about the law. The more you know about how personal data should be handled, the easier it will be to use it to gain a competitive edge.

All the applications in our software suite are designed to help organisations improve their data protection procedures in order to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

Want to know more?

Maintain GDPR compliance with a suite of user-friendly web tools

Privacy Expert

Understand the rules without being an expert. Privacy Expert is a digital guide that explains GDPR more straightforwardly. There are also aids such as document templates, explanations of essential concepts, and a bank of questions with answers to lots of data protection questions.

Privacy Evaluation

What about laws and regulations? Privacy Evaluation helps you map, evaluate, and review how you relate to rules and requirements in different areas of control, special data protection, and information security. It's also possible to review or request evaluations from suppliers/assistants.

Privacy E-learning

Educate in data protection and information security. Privacy E-learning helps to train employees effectively and secure the organization's skills through digital courses. In our educational platform, you, as an administrator, have the opportunity to follow-up ongoing training initiatives.

Privacy Records

Records of personal data processing in a simple way. Privacy Records is a tool for mapping, registering, and administering all personal data processing in a register that meets all requirements of the GDPR.

Privacy DPIA

Make risk analysis and impact assessment easy. Privacy DPIA is a valuable tool for identifying, analyzing, following up, and managing risks.

Privacy Incident

Privacy Incident is a tool for quickly and in an orderly manner to report and investigate personal data incidents in a secure environment. You also have the opportunity to follow up, see statistics, and draw lessons based on reported incidents.

Tools for everyone involved

Think of us as your co-pilot in data protection

If you’re a DPO, we think you’ll appreciate our suite of web-based tools. Because no one wants to wade through pages of legislation every time there’s a question, we developed Privacy Expert  - an indispensable interactive handbook. We created our Privacy Evaluation tool to help you get an overview of your organisation’s compliance status, identify legal gaps and easily generate reports for management. And because the GDPR requires DPOs to educate employees, we’ve made life easier for you with our Privacy E-learning tool, which has an admin panel where you can easily track people’s progress and assign courses. Stressed about when and how to perform a DPIA? Don’t worry, we can help with that, too. Read More »

Building records of processing activities has never been easier, nor has educating employees. The software helps me structure and document data protection in a fun way. I feel safe knowing the organisation can print reports to authorities and keep management updated on everything we have done to comply with the GDPR.

Erica Forsmark, DPO

Get up to speed on the GDPR - and make sure your employees are too.

HR departments process sensitive data during recruitment and handle large amounts of personal data every day. This is why there are so many new responsibilities to comply with under the GDPR. From potentially hiring a DPO to mapping your processing activities and making sure all employees receive basic training in data protection, it helps to have a guide to explain the law in a simple way and support you in your work. With templates for procedures, checklists and important tips, Privacy Expert can save you precious time, and Privacy E-Learning will actually make education fun and easy for you and your organisation. Read More »

Draftit Privacy is a timesaver for me, as I can easily delegate data protection tasks without losing control or quality of the work. Everyone can participate because of all the easy explanations and tools, which in turn has built valuable knowledge across the organisation.

Catherine Borgkvist, HR Manager

Web-based and compatible solutions

If you’re responsible for the security of personal data within the scope of the GDPR, our web-based Privacy Records software is designed to take you through the process of record-keeping asking all the relevant legal questions along the way. The result is a well-mapped digital inventory of your data organisation’s processing activities. You can then use the tool to monitor those activities over time and generate reports or export data. If your company has an LMS, you’ll also be pleased to know that our courses are SCORM-formatted and compatible with most systems. Read More »

The software is user-friendly and cost-effective, with tools that are excellent for collaborating and reporting. Should we be selected for inspection by the authorities, we can easily show that we do our best to work with data protection under the new regulations.

Thomas Torjusen Media and IT Manager
Norsk Toppfotball

Software to help your clients sail through GDPR compliance

With our web-based software at your fingertips, you can guide your clients to compliance. Map their processing of personal data with our Privacy Records app and use Privacy Evaluation to rate their GDPR status, distribute E-learning to ensure competence, and run Privacy DPIA to perform and document assessments. Some law firms and consultancies find our software so beneficial that they’ve chosen to partner with us. Read More »

Very user-friendly tools that create a great foundation for identifying which systems, processes, and devices where personal data are processed.

Jan Häggkvist, Consultant
Din Bil